100 women lawyers have been included in the list of "Top Women in Legal Business" by Týdeník Euro magazine.

Not 10, not 20, not 30, but 100! We’re very proud that the managing partner of our law firm, Jana Hladká Zilvarová, has been included in the list of Top Women Partners. Jana's success is a great motivation for us.

100 women with diverse stories from different fields and at different stages of their careers. This list clearly demonstrates that there is no shortage of capable women lawyers. Jana graduated in 1998, and her former classmates include the president of a district court, former dean of a law school, notaries and partners of their own or international law firms – all of whom are women.

Law is no longer a purely male-dominated field, and career opportunities abound for women as well. And, we’re sure that their male colleagues see this progressive trend in the workplace as a welcome change.

A big congratulations to all the ladies on the list, but also to those who didn't make it there – because the law profession is a tough field, and anyone who devotes their lives to it deserves great admiration.