A new (and better) application form for creditors in insolvency

For more than 3 months now, creditors have been filing claims in insolvency proceedings using a new form. This interactive form in PDF can be downloaded here.

The implementation of this form has not only reduced paperwork involving transcribing data from the application form into the insolvency trustee‘s software, but also eliminated the error rate that used to occur when manually transcribing data. Simply put, it is now ensured that the claim application reaches the insolvency trustee's list unchanged.

Moreover, the actual content of the form has been modified. For example, it is now possible to fill in more than one creditor in the claim form and an extra field has been added to indicate the original principal amount. The form also provides more precise information on the total amount of claims filed, including their unsubordinated part.  In addition, the graphic design of the form has been modified to save printing time.

Finally, we note that the Ministry of Justice is considering a future possibility of filling in and submitting the claim application online via web portal, which would bring further simplification.

So from us to the Ministry of Justice ????