After how long can you expect a final verdict in the Czech Republic?

Your contractual partner has not paid you, the main tenant has disappeared from the shopping centre, the ordered machine suffers from defects. And you are deciding whether to sue or not..

1 year and 1 month. That is the average time it takes to obtain a final decision, according to the statistics by the Ministry of Justice.  According to the European Commission, we have the seventh fastest civil proceedings in the EU.

If your case is specific, we have to warn you and brake your possible delight. If the disputes are only slightly complicated, they take considerably longer in our experience.

This is again confirmed by the statistics. On average, more complex disputes decided by the regional courts take 4.5 years, i.e. disputes concerning unfair competition or intellectual property, for example, if an appeal is lodged.

We almost always recommend filing an appeal in these disputes if our clients are not successful at first instance; the Court of Appeal will change the outcome of more complicated disputes in almost 50% of cases. 

Conclusion: on average, you can resolve a routine case within a year, often even faster. However, court proceedings can drag on considerably if you are dealing with a more complex case. If the court rules against you, be sure to consider an appeal.