At the notary public newly online

As of 01 September this year, a significant part of the notary's agenda has been digitalized.

The most significant change is that, especially in connection with the commercial law agenda, it will be possible to draw up notarial records in the electronic form. Therefore, the physical presence of the parties at the notary's office will no longer be required, and their electronic identification and connection via videoconference will be sufficient. For the electronic identification, it will also be possible to use the recently introduced bank identity or the so-called e-citizen card. It will be also possible to prepare an electronic notarial deed with respect to a decision of a shareholder or a general meeting of a company. However, a personal visit of a notary public will still be necessary with respect to issues concerning family law or inheritance.

It will now be also possible to establish a company online or make changes to an already established company. However, electronic identification of the founders of the company will again be required, which makes it very difficult for foreigners who do not have electronic identification in order to establish companies online.

Another novelty is the introduction of an electronic database of certified signatures and electronic notarial deeds. Through this register, the possibility of forging a certified signature should be avoided.

The Chamber of Notaries, or its individual offices, have also been authorised to certify documents issued by notaries and to attach an apostille thereto. An apostille is a clause which is necessary in some cases when you are submitting the document in question abroad or, conversely, if you are submitting a foreign document here.