Data mailboxes anew

Do you have a data mailbox, but only use it to communicate with the authorities? As of 1 January 2022, changes have been made, based on which it´s worth to start using data mailboxes to send messages also to individuals and legal entities.

The amendment to the Electronic Acts Act introduced the fiction of delivery also for "private" communication, meaning any communication not merely with the authorities. Newly, every data message is deemed to be delivered no later than on the tenth day after it is sent, regardless of whether the addressee actually reads it or not. And this is a big change!  Data mailboxes have thus become a reliable tool for sending documents, which do not risk the loss of the document and the addressee cannot deny its delivery.

In addition, the delivery of data messages to the mailboxes of enterprising and non-enterprising natural persons and legal entities is now automatically allowed, while only non-enterprising natural persons have the option to prohibit the receipt of messages, with the exception of messages from authorities and courts.

However, despite this development, it should be borne in mind that not every natural person currently has a data mailbox. Therefore, if you wish to send a data message, you can check in the data mailbox database whether the intended recipient has a data mailbox and is allowed to receive data messages.

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