Even the CEO has to rest (sometimes)

Company executives and members of the Boards of Directors of companies exercise their office in principle personally and continuously. In contrast to employees, Czech law does not provide for the right of a company executive to holiday.

However, even a company executive must sometimes take some time off and regain energy for the company management. How to set the rules for a leave of absence then?

The contract to discharge office (management contract) may set certain specific rules for taking a leave of absence (when and for how long), but the legal regulation does not limit the liability of a member of a statutory body during such a leave of absence and does not „excuse“ his/her absence.

In general, a member of a statutory body may take his or her "leave" at any time, provided that he or she ensures the proper operation of the company in accordance with the duty to act with due managerial care.

Some insurance companies on the domestic market offer a product for insuring the liability of members of bodies and other persons involved in the management of legal entities (the so-called D&O insurance based on the English Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance), which every member of a statutory body of a company should consider executing.