Evidence by means of a web site

The Supreme Administrative Court has recently dealt with the producing of evidence by means of a web site. In the case concerned, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority imposed a penalty upon an entrepreneur because he had failed to provide on his web site any and all mandatory information regarding a consumer loan he’d offered as part of his business. In the Supreme Administrative Court’s opinion (case no. 1 As 80/2016 – 30), the CTIA, having merely printed the entrepreneur’s web site, failed to meet its obligation to duly ascertain the facts of the case in order to avoid any reasonable doubts. Given the fact that when printed, the information stated on web sites often becomes distorted or even lost, it would have been better in the given case to apply the "printscreen" method, which truly captures the web site as it is displayed to users.

Not sure how to secure the web site contents for a prospective judicial proceedings? Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you. There are other solution but printscreen!