Has your electricity or gas supplier raised the prices? Don't be afraid to fight back!

As of January 1, 2022, an amendment to the Energy Act regulates certain consumer and customer protection measures in response to unfair commercial practices by some energy suppliers.

The law stipulates that the consumer must be notified of a price change no later than the 30th day before the effective date of the change in a manner specified in the contract. It is therefore presumed that the possibility of a change must be agreed in the contract. If the change is notified in a manner other than that specified in the contract, the change will not be valid.

The notification must include an advice of the right to refuse the changes and to terminate the contractual obligation without penalty in the event of changes to the contractual arrangements by the supplier. Therefore, in the event of a price change, the consumer may terminate the contract at any time up to the 10th day before the effective date of the change.

If you enter into a contract for the supply of electricity or gas by telephone, for example, you may newly terminate such a contract at any time following the conclusion of the contract until the 15th day after the commencement of the supply.

In addition, a fixed-term contract in which an extension of the contractual commitment period is agreed without the consumer's express consent may be terminated without penalty at any time up to the 20th day before the expiry of the agreed contractual commitment period.

Selling your flat or moving? If so, you can terminate your supply contract without penalty by giving a 15-day notice.