Is the settled judicature changing in matters concerning overlapping offices?

In its judgment dated September 13, 2016, and published under case no. I.ÚS 190/15 the Constitutional Court dealt with the concurrence of offices of a Board of Directors‘ Chairman and a CEO of a joint-stock company working on an employment contract. So far, the Constitutional Court has been rather consistent in its judgments not admitting to the execution of an employment contract by the persons discharging a statutory office in a legal entity, provided that the contracted job would overlap with the obligations stipulated by law for the discharge of office in a legal entity. In the aforesaid judgment, the Constitutional Court adhered to the opinion that the execution of an employment contract with the identical type of work to be performed by a person concerned by virtue of another office discharged in a legal entity constitutes a free decision of two persons, is subject to the freedom of contract and, as such, cannot be null and void.