New building requirements (you can't stop progress)!

If you are preparing a development project, you must not miss the decree providing for a change of technical requirements for buildings. According to the new rules, a new non-residential building (or its modification) with more than 10 parking spaces must also have at least one charging station for electric vehicles and wiring for the future installation of a charging station for every fifth parking space.

The requirements are even stricter in residential development projects with more than 10 parking spaces. While the charging stations themselves do not need to be built, the preparatory cabling must be provided for each parking space.

These requirements represent non-negligible construction costs. It is for this reason that the decree also provides for one exception. If the cost of installing a charging station and electrical wiring for a modification of a completed building structure would exceed 7% of the total project cost, this new requirement to build infrastructure for electric cars would not apply.