TagLaw amongst elite legal alliances

The renowned rating agency Chambers & Partners has again ranked TAGLaw alliance amongst the elite legal alliances and granted it the right to use the “Elite Law Firm Network“. Z/C/H Legal has been a member of the alliance for two years now. The ranking is based on the quality of TAGLaw’s independent law firm members and the overall global reach of the alliance.

Z/C/H Legal is the only member of the TAGLaw alliance in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the membership, we may provide our clients with global reach to legal and economic advisors nearly anywhere in the world. Would you like to incorporate your company in Singapore? Are you being sued by a customer in the US? We will recommend you a law firm that would provide you with legal advisory in the same quality you are accustomed to from our law firm. 

TAGLaw is an international alliance of more than 389 law firms from 90 countries worldwide, which encompasses more than 10 thousand professionals. It is now considered the fourth biggest alliance in the world.