TAGLaw - the one of the top legal alliances

ZILVAROVÁ CTIBOR HLADKÝ’s international alliance, TAGLaw, was recently ranked by Chambers & Partners as an „Elite“ legal alliance in the publication’s annual Global ranking guide.

The Chambers & Partners’s rankings are based in part on the quality of TAGLaw’s independent law firm members and the service the firms provide to their clients. In addition to quality Chambers & Partners considers the global reach of a legal alliance. TAGLaw’s international footprint encompasses 155 independent member firms that employ over 9.400 lawyers located in 328 offices throughout 87 countries. These metrics make TAGLaw one of the four largest law firm alliances in the world.

Chambers & Partners Guides have been ranking law firms and lawyers since 1990 and serve as an important resource for international in-house counsel. The guides now cover 185 jurisdictions throughout the world.

As an independent member of TAGLaw, ZILVAROVÁ CTIBOR HLADKÝ can provide its clients with access to high quality legal, accounting and financial representation around the world.