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Entry into the Chinese market

Do you intend to enter the Chinese market but need some guidance? We are focusing on the support of Czech entrepreneurs not only in starting cooperation with Chinese partners but also during their entry into the Chinese market. We are here to help you!

China has been consequently releasing barriers to foreign trade and even openly supports the entry of international investors into some segments of their industry. In 2017, a further relief will take place regarding the measures regulating the entry of foreign capital contained in the so-called “Catalogue for the Guidance of Industries for Foreign Investment“. Local governments were instructed to support international investors with tax incentives, incentives to buy real property and by creating new equal conditions for both the domestic and foreign entities. Therefore, such an opportunity should be taken.

Consulting to Chinese companies 

We are providing legal consulting to Chinese companies in acquisitions and business development in the Czech Republic. We will be instrumental in searching for business opportunities, performing their due diligence and taking care of any and all legal aspects of the transactions concerned. We will advise you regarding the import of goods and devices and their introduction into the Czech market.


Everything is possible, thanks to our partnership with a global network of law firms called CATHAY ASSOCIATES, which connects law firms from 40 countries worldwide. The objective of CATHAY ASSOCIATES is a shared know-how for consulting to Chinese companies and support of foreign entities in their entry into the Chinese market.


Díky naší spolupráci s Cathay IP, Vám nabízíme možnost, jak chránit Vaše cenné duševní vlastnictví v nejrychleji se rozvíjející zemi na světě. Poradce, který je místní a zároveň globální a orientuje se v čínském tržním prostředí. Náš čínský člen SINOFAITH je největším hráčem v oblasti ochrany duševního vlastnictví v Číně a má možnosti i prostředky Vám pomoci s podnikáním. Řešte své otázky rovnou s českým odborníkem.

The expert in China-related consulting is JUDr. Jiří Ctibor, LL.M., Ph.D.
Jiří cooperates with many government and non-government organizations dealing with Czech-Chinese business relations. He also lectures regularly at the Prague Summer School. In this respect, Z/C/H Legal offers professional internships to young Chinese lawyers who attend summer school.


  • The acquisition of the car maker Volvo by the Chinese company GEELY,
  • the acquisition of an aircraft manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft by the Chinese Beijing company Superior Aviation,
  • consulting to an investment company FGVH in a joint venture consisting in the acquisition of a Malaysian power plant,
  • representation in arbitration proceedings before the International Chamber of Commerce in disputes worth several million Euro,
  • support of an Italian company in an aircraft purchase transaction,
  • consulting to the second biggest Hungarian telecommunication operator 

these transactions and many more form the experiences of CATHAY ASSOCIATES, which provide our clients with top legal support.

CEE – Chinese Chamber of Commerce 

Z/C/H Legal is a founding member of the CEE – China Chamber of Commerce z.s. The main objective of the CEE is to support the development of commercial and cultural relations between the People’s Republic of China and Central and Eastern Europe, as well as to create opportunities for establishing mutual cooperation. The Board members are Mr. MeiYin Kang, founder of, as President of the CEE, Ing. Petr Zinek, MBA, as Vice President, and JUDr. Jiří Ctibor, LL.M., Ph.D., partner of our law firm, as a Board member. 

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