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Franchising. Whatever you need to know, we can provide. We understand franchising. We understand its legal and financial aspects. In franchising, you need both.

The Czech legal system does not explicitly regulate franchising, so to become an expert in the field you not only need profound knowledge and understanding of the foreign literature but also, in particular, practical experience. Please view our references to see that when it comes to franchising, no other law firm comes near. Why? Because in common with  our clients, we enjoy franchising.

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The most up-to-date view of the world of franchising

It is the book by our colleagues Jiří Ctibor and Iva Horáčkova - “Franchising“. It contains practical advices as well as interesting judicial decisions. The book is available on-line.

Franchising Acknowledgements

Z/C/H Legal has achieved several prestigious awards for legal consulting in franchising.

As regards franchising expertise, the market leader is
JUDr. Jiří Ctibor, LL.M., Ph. D. 

In 2011 Jiří was appointed by the Czech Franchising Institute to lead the legislative task force in charge of the preparation of franchising regulation.

Jiří regularly gives lectures on franchising, the most prestigious of which occurs annually at the Franchise Day Prague conference held by the Czech Franchising Institute.

Since 2015 he has been acting as the Lecturer by the international Prague Summer School, where he is leading a successful workshop on the topic of franchising.

Z/C/H Legal 

  • since 2009 we have been bronze patrons and key supporters of the Franchise Club.

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