We Are a Strict But a Fair Trustee

Since 12 February 2010 Z/C/H Legal has been registered in the register of insolvency trustees.
Please see the list of bankruptcies and discharges from debts, in which we have been appointed as an insolvency trustee.

At present, Z/C/H Legal operates as an insolvency trustee in 7 branches.

Experience and a strong insolvency team mean that the insolvency proceedings will be conducted quickly and with professional care. As an insolvency trustee, we also comply with our duty to report criminal activity, such as harm done to a creditor or breach of trust. Are you unsatisfied with the performance of an existing insolvency trustee? You may propose that Z/C/H Legal becomes a new insolvency trustee. We have extensive experience of joining pending insolvency proceedings.

Our expert in this field is Mgr. Radek Hladký who has practiced extensively both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Insolvency and Reorganization

In addition to the office of insolvency trustee, we also provide top level insolvency and reorganization consulting to:

  • creditors - registration of receivables, preparation of strategies in negotiations with the insolvency trustee and with other creditors, representation of clients at creditors’ meetings and in related disputes, securing receivables to maximize recovery in the case of a prospective bankruptcy, procedural advice regarding bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings
  • debtors - preparation of an insolvency petition, proposing a course of action in bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings, representation in related proceedings, etc.

Having extensive hands-on experience with insolvency proceedings, we provide an exceedingly efficient service.