At Z/C/H Legal, we provide legal services to leading entities in the Czech and foreign insurance markets and thus understand the strategic and everyday problems that our clients face. As one of the leading legal advisers in the field of insurance law, we place great emphasis on the long-term relationships we build with our clients so that we can truly bring added value to their business.

How can we help you with specific issues?

1.  Services for insurers and reinsurers

We will provide you with comprehensive advice at every stage of the insurer's or reinsurer's life cycle, from initial establishment, obtaining the necessary licenses, through financial and market investigations, regulatory advice and litigation, to acquisitions and other changes in control and insolvency matters.

We offer you our services in:

  • drafting, revising and negotiating insurance contracts and insurance terms and conditions,
  • finding the most suitable procedure for lodging insurance claims,
  • resolving unjustified claims,
  • recovering recourse compensation of the provided indemnity from the person responsible for the insured event caused, and
  • adopting measures against insurance fraud.

We also help our insurers and reinsurers to resolve complex disputes arising from all types of business, insurance and reinsurance contracts. We represent them in a full range of litigation, arbitration and regulatory matters, including claims litigation, claims for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, bad faith of the other party, commercial offenses, misdemeanours and in matters of consumer protection and unfair competition.

2.  Services for entrepreneurs, public sector and other organizations

We provide comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs, public sector entities and other organizations when negotiating insurance contracts, including revision of insurance terms and conditions and when negotiating operating insurance.

We also provide legal services in the event of:

  • breach of insurance and other related contracts,
  • claims for maladministration by third parties in matters relating to claim settlement,
  • settlement of insurance claims, including their application with the insurer,
  • assessment of the application of possible insurance exemptions,
  • reduction of insurance indemnity, and
  • other actions of insurers aimed at reducing the policyholder's claim.

We represent our clients in a wide range of litigation and other disputes arising from insurance contracts, especially in disputes over claims for damage to health, property damage or financial compensation.

Do you need to deal with any issue related to insurance or reinsurance? Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or just call us right away!