List of Practise Areas

Banking law

  • preparation of banking contracts and other contracts executed by  banks
  • legal advice regarding securities law, including the preparation of contractual documentation for the transfer of securities and their derivatives,  their lease, pledge, depository, etc.

Immigration legal services

  • registration with the Foreign Police
  • short-term / long-term visas, selecting the best visa option (complete registration process)
  • processing documents for business visas, employee cards, student visas and visas for family reunification
  • short-term / long-term residence permit (complete registration process)
  • temporary / permanent residence permit (complete registration process)
  • Czech citizenship
  • international and supplementary protection, asylum
  • representation before local authorities and courts (e.g. registration process, asylum denial appeals, appeals of Czech visa rejection, securing a foreigner from administrative expulsion)
  • Schengen record inquiries
  • reporting changes during the stay, extension of visas
  • terminating and revoking a residence permit
  • legal advice to British citizens in connection with Brexit

Compliance, Risk and Corporate Governance

  • consulting on the creation of compliance programs
  • adapting compliance programs for foreign parent companies
  • prevention of criminal liability for legal entities
  • prevention of legal entities’ liability for damage
  • corruption and fraud risk management
  • consulting regarding the establishment of corporate governance

Intellectual Property and IT law

  • registration of all types of intellectual property rights (industrial designs, inventions and utility designs, trademarks)
  • e-commerce (domain names, spam, on-line advertising, on-line competitions and lotteries, web site operation, etc.)
  • copyright
  • preparation of license agreements
  • representation in judicial and Industrial Property Office  proceedings

Energy law

  • comprehensive legal advice in the energy field
  • full contractual documentation necessary for the execution of energy projects, in particular photovoltaic power plants
  • negotiation with public authorities regarding energy projects, including obtaining all permits necessary for the construction and operation of power plants
  • energy project due diligence  (comprehensive review of the legal compliance of construction, development and operation)
  • representation in related proceedings

EU law

  • general legal advice regarding EU law
  • legal advice in European private law (European trademark, European company)
  • client representation in proceedings held before European institutions


  • franchise agreements and related documentation
  • legal advice regarding master franchising
  • legal advice regarding so-called disclosure
  • legal advice on the building, operating and restructuring of franchising networks
  • legal advice to clients interested in a franchise during negotiations with the franchisor
  • legal advice in negotiations with franchisees
  • reviews of contractual documentation with respect to a prospective breach of competition
  • legal standpoints  relating to any part of franchising

Mergers and acquisitions / corporate law

  • due diligence of corporations
  • incorporation, dissolution and liquidation of corporations
  • legal advice and preparation of documents for any and all corporate matters (increase/decrease of registered capital, provision of contributions, preparation of general meetings, appointment/removal of corporate body members, etc.)
  • comprehensive legal advice regarding the transformation of corporations, including cross-border mergers
  • comprehensive advice regarding the acquisitions of various ownership interests (share deals, asset deals, acquisition of a business establishment or a part thereof, usufructuary lease of a business establishment or a part thereof, etc.)
  • takeover bids
  • settlement of relationships with minority shareholders
  • legal advice in the field of concern law


  • legal audit of personal data processing in your company, including an overall analysis of obligations pursuant to the GDPR
  • ensuring a technical audit of personal data in your company
  • GDPR implementation plan, including risk analysis
  • Setting internal processes in your company with respect to the principles of personal data protection pursuant to the GDPR, including staff training
  • Review of contractual relations with business partners and clients (e.g. adjustment of commercial terms and consents with personal data processing)
  • Review of internal rules relating to personal data processing and compliance
  • Setting an adequate safeguarding of personal data processing, storing and sharing
  • Drafting a plan in case of a violation of personal data safeguarding, including reporting
  • Performance of personal data protection office

Insolvency and restructuring

  • acting as an insolvency trustee
  • preparation and filing of insolvency petitions
  • registration and exercising of claims in insolvency proceedings, exercising  / registration of collaterals in insolvency proceedings
  • preparation of strategies pertaining to negotiations with insolvency trustees and other creditors
  • client representation at creditors‘ meetings
  • representation in incidence disputes and other related proceedings
  • legal advice relating to the course of action in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings

Investment funds and collective investment

  • legal advice regarding the establishment and business practices of investment funds, including  registration of such funds with the Czech National Bank
  • investment fund compliance
  • legal advice regarding investments in unit trusts
  • legal advice regarding securities law, including the preparation of contractual documentation for transfers of securities and their derivatives,  their loans, pledges, depository, etc.

Leasing, loans and other forms of financing

  • template lease and loan agreements
  • general business terms and conditions
  • hedging
  • due diligence of financed projects
  • legal standpoints  relating to this issue
  • legal advice regarding the funding of individual projects, including determination of the most suitable acquisition structure and project financing
  • legal advice regarding the re-development of projects at issue


  • mediation
  • preparation for the first meeting with a mediator / mediation proceeding
  • representation in the course of mediation
  • preparation of mediation clauses for contracts 

Commercial and civil law including collection of receivables

  • establishment / incorporation of legal entities, including all forms of corporations and European companies
  • obtaining entrepreneurial licenses (establishment of trades, trade permits, special licenses under various regulations)
  • legal advice relating to entrepreneurial groupings, in particular concern law , including the preparation of reports on relationships and other related documents
  • shareholders‘ agreements
  • administration of stock corporations, in particular organization of general meetings, consulting with respect to the exercise of powers of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board, etc.
  • reductions and increases in registered capital
  • dissolution and liquidation of corporations
  • contracts on the performance of office executed with members of corporate bodies
  • preparation and negotiation of all types of contracts under commercial and civil law, including reviews of existing contracts
  • preparation of security for debts (guarantee, mortgage contracts, financial guaranties, contracts on the security  assignment of debts, contracts on the security  transfer of a right, assumption of liability for debts, agreements on subordination of debt, tying the payment of deposited funds, security bills, including agreements regarding the law on drafts and bills)
  • securities law, including the law of drafts and bills and cheque law
  • establishment of trust funds
  • administration and collection of receivables, representation before courts and in execution proceedings
  • legal advice in the field of consumer protection, admissibility of advertisements and labeling of goods, preparation of general commercial terms and conditions, template purchase agreements, warranty certificates, information leaflets, etc.
  • representation in disputes with consumers, including representation in judicial proceedings
  • legal advice pertaining to the protection of personality , e.g. regarding use of CCTV, creation of databases, etc.

Insurance law

  • strategic advice to insurers and isured
  • legal analysis and interpretation of insurance policies
  • implementation of new regulations into insurance policies
  • representing clients in claims on insurance coverage and insurance premium

Labor law

  • template employment contracts, including management contracts, internal policies, codes of conduct
  • employment termination, including the preparation of basic documentation
  • drafting optimal compensation and severance payment structures
  • representation in disputes with employees
  • representation in negotiations with trade unions, including collective bargaining
  • legal advice relating to the employment of foreign nationals, including employment and residency  permits
  • complete due diligence of employment documentation and internal industrial structures
  • training in all aspects of labor law

Real estate law, construction and environmental law

  • due diligence of individual real estate properties and entire construction development projects
  • preparation of purchase agreements, contracts with developers and architects, contracts for work, cooperation contracts, mortgage agreements and agreements on the establishment of servitudes, including contracts on future contracts
  • lease agreement templates, including contracts on future contracts, negotiations with tenants
  • entire documentation for funding real estate and development projects, including security  documentation
  • proposing optimal procedures for the implementation of construction development projects
  • legal advice regarding urban planning
  • legal advice relating to restitution claims
  • representation in EIA proceedings and urban, construction and occupancy permit proceedings
  • legal advice in environmental law

Recodification  of private law

  • updates to and modification of all documents in compliance with the reenactment of private law
  • preparation of template documents corresponding with the new legislation
  • training and standpoints  regarding the changes in private law

Family law

  • legal advice regarding prenuptial agreements
  • preparation of divorce documents – divorce suit petition, custody and other arrangements regarding children, agreement on the settlement and distribution of property, etc.
  • representation in divorce proceedings

Litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings

  • resolution of disputes in all branches of law
  • representation in judicial and arbitration proceedings, including international arbitration, and representation before the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights
  • assessment of the probability of success and of  judgment upholding the counter-party’s claims
  • representation in the amicable settlement of disputes
  • representation in execution proceedings

Competition law

  • representation in proceedings held before the Office for the Protection of Competition and the European Commission, including obtaining the Office‘s approval pertaining to the concentration of competition
  • review of agreements with respect to the infringement of competition
  • assessment of abuse of dominant position by a competitor, including settlement of disputes associated with an abuse of dominant position
  • assessment of state aid and obtaining exemptions necessary for the provision thereof
  • cartel agreements
  • advice relating to unfair competition, including unfair and comparative advertising, freeloading on a competitor’s reputation, etc.

Administrative law

  • representation in proceedings held before administrative bodies
  • representation before administrative judicial bodies
  • legal advice regarding personal data protection, including full documentation relating to personal data protection and representation in the registration of personal data administrators with the Personal Data Protection Office
  • legal advice to local and central government

Criminal law

  • representation of aggrieved parties in criminal proceedings
  • legal advice in criminal law, in particular regarding the issues of economic and proprietary crimes
  • preparation of reports on the commission of a crime

Public procurement and subsidies

  • representation in proceedings relating to public procurement, including proceedings held before the Office for the Protection of Competition
  • public procurement legal consulting for purchasers, in particular recommending the most suitable kind of contracting proceedings, preparation of tender documentation, legal support in the assessment and evaluation of bids, etc.
  • legal review of a bidder’s proposal with respect to the fulfilment of statutory requirements, protection of bidders against breach of correct procedure by the procurer


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