Cooperation with VŠEHRD

We have been a proud partner of Všehrd Association of Czech Lawyers for three years and now we are extending our cooperation for another year.

Let us introduce our new attorney

We would like to welcome a new colleague, Mgr. Martin Smička, to our team of lawyers.

Reunion of leading female lawyers

Gala evening for Leading Female Lawyers

Four rules of a successful law firm

Do not miss the article „Four Rules of a Successful Law Firm“ in the current issue of Právní rádce from Economia publishing house.

We want to help aspiring female lawyers succeed

Jana Hladká, a partner of Z/C/H Legal, has decided to become the Ambassador of the “Leading Female Lawyers“ project.

„Lukáš, attorney-at-law“

Last month, our colleague Lukáš Žáček has successfully passed his bar exam.

The Efficient Trade with Hong Kong and China workshop

On September 26, 2019, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is again organizing a workshop to address the topic „ Efficient Trade With Hong Kong and China“!

Manufaktura in South Korea

We are proud to be part of such a successful project, and we wish Manufaktura all the best and good luck!

Interns in court

Our interns Carla Adler from Germany and Beini Ma from China, accompanied by our students, attended a trial in criminal proceedings and a hearing in civil proceedings.

We love tennis

TK Tola Klánovice

Tuition with Carla

We are working on our language stills.

Chinese intern in Z/C/H Legal

In cooperation with ECCEDU we are pleased to welcome our another chinese intern Beini Ma.

There is a winner in our team

At the end of April, our colleague Sebastian Jakob took part in a Moot Court with the focus on sports law.

Lawyers’ outdoor weekend

Our law firm is very much aware of the importance of having a good rest after a hard day at work. That’s why we took advantage of nice weather and set out for a weekend in the beautiful countryside near Mnichovo Hradiště.

Whiskey Cavalier

We are proud to be part of the successful filming of the Whiskey Cavalier series produced by Warner Bros. Television.

German intern in Z/C/H Legal

We are happy to welcome Carla Adler as our summer intern at Z/C/H Legal.