Insolvency & Restrukturing

IInsolvency trustee to ATASSI,
a company engaged in construction work

Insolvency trustee to CLUB HOTEL PRAHA-Průhonice,
operator of a hotel with nearly 200 rooms and extensive athletic facilities  

Horizont ISPL,
an insolvency trustee

Insolvency trustee to I.D. Marketing,
previously TNT Post, one of the largest alternative mail service operators in the country; at its peak, it was part of the so-called Big4 in the sector

a leasing company within Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich banking group

Insolvency trustee to Mr. Kludský Bohumil,
a physical entity, a person whose assets were subject to bankruptcy; also a former operator of the world-renowned Circus Kludský, one of the largest circuses in Europe