Commercial and Civil Law,
Including Collection of Receivables

  • establishment / incorporation of legal entities, including all forms of corporations and European companies
  • obtaining entrepreneurial licenses (establishment of trades, trade permits, special licenses under various regulations)
  • legal advice relating to entrepreneurial groupings, in particular concern law , including the preparation of reports on relationships and other related documents
  • shareholders‘ agreements
  • administration of stock corporations, in particular organization of general meetings, consulting with respect to the exercise of powers of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board, etc.
  • reductions and increases in registered capital
  • dissolution and liquidation of corporations
  • contracts on the performance of office executed with members of corporate bodies
  • preparation and negotiation of all types of contracts under commercial and civil law, including reviews of existing contracts
  • preparation of security for debts (guarantee, mortgage contracts, financial guaranties, contracts on the security  assignment of debts, contracts on the security  transfer of a right, assumption of liability for debts, agreements on subordination of debt, tying the payment of deposited funds, security bills, including agreements regarding the law on drafts and bills)
  • securities law, including the law of drafts and bills and cheque law
  • establishment of trust funds
  • administration and collection of receivables, representation before courts and in execution proceedings
  • legal advice in the field of consumer protection, admissibility of advertisements and labeling of goods, preparation of general commercial terms and conditions, template purchase agreements, warranty certificates, information leaflets, etc.
  • representation in disputes with consumers, including representation in judicial proceedings
  • legal advice pertaining to the protection of personality , e.g. regarding use of CCTV, creation of databases, etc.

a leading European construction company

Arbeitsgemeinschaft LKW Maut Association,
a toll system supplier in Germany

a leading Dutch mail order company

BAWAG Leasing & Fleet,
a member of Austrian banking group BAWAG P.S.K. leasing

a leading Austrian bank

Burrito Loco,
franchisor, owner of a franchise network of restaurants

Chirš realitní kanceláře,
an owner of a franchise network of real estate offices

a member of the leading US car producer group

a member of the French ENGIE Group (previously GDF SUEZ), which is the world's No. 1 in the technical infrastructure sector

Coloseum Restaurants,
franchisor and operator of successful  Pizza Coloseum restaurants

Czech Plastic Production,
a subsidiary of Papier Mettler International, a leading producer of plastic and paper packaging to the catering industry

a member of a Japanese group operating mainly in the automotive industry

De Lage Landen,
a leasing company and subsidiary of Rabobank Group

Dr. Alexander Maculan

a German crisis manager

a producer of technological devices for automotive industry

EQOS Energie (earlier Alpine),
a member of EQOS Energie Gruppe, international enterprise group operating in the telecommunications, energy and mobility sectors

Europe Bagels,
an owner of a franchise network of restaurant facilities

a dealer of trailer equipment

a Czech development company

a leading network of retail stores selling electronic devices

a company providing professional automobile consulting and repair

Foreign nationals

a German company providing an overall service and assembly of photovoltaic power plants

an Austrian building company

Heidolph Elektro,
a leading European producer fo electric engines

a member of the Hirschmann Automotive Group, a leading producer of automotive technologies

Hoffmann a Žižák,
a dealer of passenger cars and trucksů


Horizont ISPL,
an insolvency trustee

a member of Erste Group and a specialist in financing real property, infrastructure and development

a leasing company within Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich banking group

a world leading dealer of sports equipment

ISS Facility Services,
a member of ISS Group, one of the leading worldwide players in the facility management sector

a company providing assembly of stainless steel structures for breweries and for beverage, dairy and automotive industries


a subsidiary of K+S Gruppe, German salt and fertilizing agents 

Kostelecké uzeniny,
also an owner and operator of Parky´s brand

a Czech development company    

Leyrer + Graf,
a member of an Austian construction group and one of the leading players in the field of building construction, engineering and wooden structures in Central Europe

a producer of high-quality Czech cosmetic products inspired by original, natural ingredients

Mc Callum,
a world-renowned film producer

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services,
a leasing company

Městská část Praha 5 (Municipal Council of Prague 5)

one of the leading textile manufacturers in Europe

Municipal Council Praha-Klánovice

National Library of the Czech Republic,
an institution receiving contributions from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Open Trading

a company controlling a chain of Asian specialities under Sushitime brand

a subsidiary of Austrian travel agency Reisewelt

OVB Allfinanz,
a leading company providing comprehensive financial advisory

a real property administrator

an association for engineering companies

Quehenberger Transport & Logistics CZE,
one of the leading road hauliers on the Czech market

Raiffeisenverband Salzburg,
a provincial headquarters of Raiffeisenbank Salzburg Group

the oldest Austrian real estate company listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange

Schmitz Cargobull,
one of the leading producers of trailers in Europe

SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic,
a leasing company

a German real estate fund

Sirius Investments,
an investment fund with a variable registered capital, Czech private equity fund

Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen Aktiengesellschaft,
the largest savings bank in southern Austria

T.Land Investment,
an owner of logistic centers and supermarkets

Tengelmann Energie,
a German company operating as an advisor in the energy industry 

TREI Real Estate Czech Republic,
a leading international company dealing with the design and maintenance of commercial real property

Tschann Nutzfahrzeuge,
an Austrian company providing for the sale and overall servicing of utility vehicles

Wildmoser / Koch & Partner - Rechtsanwälte GmbH, Linz, Wien,
a cooperating Austrian law firm present on the market for more than 100 years

Zásobování teplem,
a Czech supplier of thermal energy

Zelený ostrov,
a civic association of athletic unions lodging a claim against Bestsport