Intellectual Property and IT

  • registration of all types of intellectual property rights (industrial designs, inventions and utility designs, trademarks)
  • e-commerce (domain names, spam, on-line advertising, on-line competitions and lotteries, web site operation, etc.)
  • copyright
  • preparation of license agreements
  • representation in judicial and Industrial Property Office  proceedings

a leading Dutch mail order business

a leading Austrian bank

Burrito Loco
franchisor, owner of a franchise network of restaurants

Coloseum Restaurants
franchisor and operator of successful Pizza Coloseum restaurants

​Czech Franchise Institute

a member of a Japanese group operating mainly in the automotive industry

EBEL Coffee House
owner of a coffee house and Cafe Ebel store

Chirš realitní kanceláře
an owner of a franchise network of real estate offices

a world leading dealer of sports equipment

Kostelecké uzeniny
also an owner and operator of Parky´s brand

Luxury Guide
a franchisor and publisher of a prestigious lifestyle magazine

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
a leasing company

Merida Czech
a leading dealer of bicycles and cycling equipment

Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk

a company controlling a chain of Asian specialities under Sushitime brand

OVB Allfinanz
a leading company providing comprehensive financial advisory

Realitní kancelář Sting
franchisor, an owner of a real estate office network