Real Estate

  • due diligence of individual real estate properties and entire construction development projects, including energy works projects

  • preparation of purchase agreements, contracts with developers and architects, contracts for work, cooperation contracts, mortgage agreements and agreements on the establishment of servitudes, including contracts on future contracts

  • lease agreement templates, including contracts on future contracts, negotiations with tenants

  • entire documentation for funding real estate and development projects, including security  documentation

  • proposing optimal procedures for the implementation of construction development projects

  • legal advice regarding urban planning

  • legal advice relating to restitution claims

  • representation in EIA proceedings and urban, construction and occupancy permit proceedings

  • legal advice in environmental law

  • comprehensive legal advice in the energy field

  • full contractual documentation necessary for the execution of energy projects, in particular photovoltaic power plants

  • preparation of banking contracts and other contracts executed by banks

  • legal services relating to credit financing

  • legal advice on securities law, including preparing contractual documentation for the transfer of securities and their derivatives, their lease, pledge, deposit, etc.

  • drafting of security instruments and guarantees

a member of a multinational group providing services associated with the administration and maintenance of buildings

BAWAG Leasing & Fleet
a member of Austrian banking group BAWAG P.S.K. leasing

a member of the French ENGIE Group (previously GDF SUEZ), which is the world's No. 1 in the technical infrastructure sector

Czech Plastic Production
a subsidiary of Papier Mettler International, a leading producer of plastic and paper packaging to the catering industry

a member of a Japanese group operating mainly in the automotive industry

a producer of technological devices for automotive industry

EQOS Energie (earlier Alpine)
a member of EQOS Energie Gruppe, international enterprise group operating in the telecommunications, energy and mobility sectors

a Czech development company

a German company providing an overall service and assembly of photovoltaic power plants

an Austrian building company

a member of Erste Group and a specialist in financing real property, infrastructure and development

a leasing company within Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich banking group

a world leading dealer of sports equipment

Czech development company

Municipal Council Praha-Klánovice

Papier Mettler International
leading manufacturer of plastic and paper gastro packaging

an Austrian wood processing company

a real property administrator

a traditional Austrian company operating in the crafts, industry and trade sectors

Tengelmann Energie
a German company operating as an advisor in the energy industry 

Viking Mašek

Zásobování teplem
a Czech supplier of thermal energy 

ZDR Investments SICAV a.s.
a real estate fund of qualified investors investing mainly in discount retail real estate

ZDR Investments Public SICAV a.s.
a real estate fund allowing investments for the general public and investing mainly in retail and administrative real estate, as well as logistics and production facilities

Zemědělské družstvo Všestary

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
a leasing company

Quantis Consulting
an international independent financial intermediary company

Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich
a major Austrian bank

Sirius Investments
an investment fund with variable share capital, a Czech private equity fund