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What (not) to expect in court proceedings?

Wednesday 23.06.2021

Mgr. Lenka Gomez Tomčalová, attorney, registered mediator
Mgr. Milan Paták, attorney

Webinar content:

  • Course of action during civil proceedings

  • The most common legal institutes and documents used in civil proceedings

  • The most important obligations when dealing with courts and the consequences of failure to meet them

  • Judicial slang

Are you (not) obliged to report suspicious transactions?

Wednesday 09.06.2021

JUDr. Daniel Fridrich, AML Law Specialist

Webinar content:

  • Who is an obliged entity?
  • What are the most important duties under AML legislation?
  • What do the terms identification of clients and due diligence mean? 
  • How do you carry out identification and due diligence in practice?

How (not) to terminate employment properly?

Wednesday 14.04.2021

Mgr. Lenka Gomez Tomčalová, attorney, registered mediator

Webinar content:

  • What is the perspective of the Labour Code (and courts) regarding employers and employees?

  • The preconditions and application of immediate termination of employment and notice of termination

  • Time periods regarding the termination of employment

  • Proper service of documents

Bank Guarantees in Practice

Wednesday 20.01.2021

JUDr. Lukáš Žáček
Mgr. Vojtěch Kadlec

Webinar content:

  • What is a bank guarantee?

  • The use of a bank guarantee

  • Common mistakes when securing claims with a bank guarantee

  • Asserting a bank guarantee in practice

Why not to be afraid of mediation and the advantages of using it

Wednesday 09.12.2020

Mgr. Lenka Gomez Tomčalová, attorney, registered mediator

Webinar content:

  • What is mediation and what to expect from it?

  • How is mediation conducted in practice?

  • How to make sure that a mediation agreement will be legally enforceable?

Processing and protection of personal data in marketing

Wednesday 11.11.2020

Mgr. Ing. Michal Nádeníček, attorney

Webinar content:

  • How to process personal data for marketing purposes

  • The most common basic mistakes when processing personal data

  • Under what conditions marketing communications can be sent by electronic means

  • When and under what conditions personal data can be shared between commercial companies

Practical tips for creditors in insolvency proceedings  

Wednesday 19.08.2020

Dominika Jedináková, Director for insolvency

Webinar content:

  • Filing of claims – the most common mistakes
  • The position of creditors in insolvency proceedings – practical aspects
  • Final reports and reports regarding the fulfilment of a discharge of a debt – what to be aware of upon the termination of proceedings as a creditor
  • Amendment of the Insolvency Act
  • Changes brought about by Covid-19

Labour Code amendment

Wednesday 15.7.2020

Lenka Gomez Tomčalová, attorney, registered mediator

Webinar content:

  • Leave
  • Job sharing
  • Service of documents
  • Other amended legal institutes

How much (or little) protection does your contract offer?

Wednesday 17.6.2020

Jiří Ctibor, partner, attorney
Lukáš Žáček, attorney

Webinar content:

  • What to focus on in contracts?
  • Force majeure
  • Unforeseen and insurmountable obstacles
  • Substantial changes in circumstances
  • Compensation for damage, amendment of the agreement and impossibility of performance

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