What is franchising?

Franchising has been making great strides in the Czech Republic and has become a very popular business model. It is based on close,  long-term contractual cooperation between the franchise provider (franchisor) and the license recipients (franchisees). The franchisor provides the franchisees with certain business know-how and allows them to use a brand or trademark. Franchisees operate their businesses under instruction and time-tested recommendations from the franchisor and pay the franchisor fees for the know-how and services provided.

There are various legal fields involved in franchising, so the provision of legal services requires the profound professional knowledge that Z/C/H Legal can offer its clients.

Z/C/H Legal provides legal consulting in franchising to those already involved in this cutting-edge, efficient business format and also to those just considering or preparing to enter the franchising market, from large-scale enterprises to start-up SMEs.