Who We Are

We provide comprehensive legal services to all clients who do business or intend to do so in the Czech Republic. We work in Czech, German, English and Slovak. Our lawyers are graduates of top universities and have experience of working abroad. We are comfortable working across the Czech, German and Anglo-Saxon entrepreneurial cultures and this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. It goes without saying that we provide the highest quality services on time, every time.

Our Standards

  • All of our lawyers possess top qualifications, based on ongoing training and team sharing experiences
  • Efficient legal consulting, avoiding unnecessary steps, brief and comprehensive recommendations
  • No time wasted, top quality service maintained
  • Working 24/7 when required
  • Deadlines honored
  • Understanding the financial aspects of our clients‘ businesses
  • Mutual trust
  • Individual, client-centered service
  • Protecting the client’s interests honorably to retain good relationships with business partners
  • Transparency of  legal consultancy fees, conditions agreed in advance and a clear summary of legal acts performed


We have been here for you since 2005. Over the years, our team has become a strong law firm with extensive know-how and a stable portfolio of clients. Thousands of contracts have been signed with our support, hundreds of transactions successfully completed, dozens of judicial and arbitration proceedings ending in success – our record speaks for itself.

From 01.03.2005 to 31.12.2015 we operated as ZILVAROVÁ CTIBOR HLADKÝ v.o.s. In 2015 we decided to update the firm’s name and started to use the new, more internationally comprehensible trade name Z/C/H Legal v.o.s, advokátní kancelář

What Our Firm Looks Like