Consumer Information

Prices of services

The price of rendered services (legal advisory, translations, etc.) is calculated as a multiple of the hour rate negotiated between the respective client and Z/C/H Legal. The amount of the hour rate is based on the nature of the legal service concerned, in particular on its complexity and duration as well as on the professional experience of a lawyer who provides the service. The amount of the hour rate will be at all times communicated before the commencement of any activity to made for the client - consumer.

The costs of the administrative services associated with the provision of legal services (telephone, facsimile, copying within a standard scope, etc.) are charged as a lump sum defined as an agreed per cent of the service fee.

The costs of notarial services, expert opinions, judicial and administrative fees, copies of technical documents (e.g. geometric plans and extensive technical plans) or copies of documents exceeding standard scope are recharged in the actual amount according to the respective receipts.

The travel costs are charged upon the actual number of kilometers in the amount of CZK 15.00 per one kilometer. This amount already includes the fuel consumed and wear and tear of vehicles. The costs of accommodation or air fare or train tickets are recharged in the actual amount according to the respective receipts.

The fee is charged monthly upon the invoices meeting the essentials of a tax receipt pursuant to the regulations in force. Attached to each invoice is a list of the legal services provided within the respective month. The list contains the date of a legal service, a brief description thereof, the name of the respective lawyer, the number of minutes, the hour rate and the fee for the respective legal service per person. The invoices have a 15-day maturity.

All fees stated above do not include value added tax.

Pursuant to Section 20 ss. 4 of Bar Act no. 85/1996, the client may withdraw from the contract to provide legal services at any time without explaining the grounds thereof. 

Off-court settlement of disputes between clients-consumers and attorneys

Z/C/H Legal informs the clients-consumers (i.e. the clients who are natural entities and, at the same time, do not act within the framework of their entrepreneurial operations or as part of independent performance of their occupation) that pursuant to Act no. 634/1992 Coll. providing for the protection of consumers, as amended, the Ministry of Trade and Industry in its decision dated 5.2.2016 authorized the Czech Bar Chamber to settle the prospective consumer-related disputes between them and Z/C/H Legal resulting from contracts on the provision of legal services off court. The Czech Bar Chamber website is

Detailed information regarding the off-court settlement of disputes between attorneys and clients-consumers are available at: