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Z/C/H Legal stands for comprehensible legal advice regarding all aspects of our development activities. Be it obtaining building permits for our construction projects, the set-up of the legal mechanism for individual transactions or the processes regarding the final building approval, we can always rely on getting timely and easy-to-understand advice about the respective possibilities. In addition to their professionalism, we hold the whole team Z/C/H Legal in the highest esteem for their friendly and accessible approach.
JUDr. Zdeněk Prázdný Chairman of the Administrative Board, Traxial a.s.
Working with Z/C/H Legal has become essential when carrying out real-estate acquisitions and management through our investment funds. The lawyers at Z/C/H Legal have been actively helping us with the legal side of our business both in the Czech Republic and abroad (Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Croatia). The reliable and pro-client services provided by the members of the law firm have made many of our decisions easier. Thanks to detailed and well-elaborated advice, we are ready for any situations which we might come across. To sum up, Z/C/H Legal knows exactly what we need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.
Roman Latuske Partner, ZDR Investments SICAV a.s.
When I get asked why we work with Z/C/H Legal, my answer has been the same for many years: ‘From a legal perspective, there are practically no clear answers to any questions. But Z/C/H Legal has always impressed us by giving us straightforward answers based on how the situation is most likely to develop.’ This makes it so much easier for us to make decisions.
Ing. Tomáš Hanzel Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Česká republika s.r.o.
Z/C/H Legal has helped us many times when we have been dealing with our business matters, quite often having cross-border elements and impacting the future direction of our company. During the worldwide economic instability caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, their services proved very useful for negotiations with financing banks. I highly appreciate the members of Z/C/H Legal’s team for their matter-of-fact approach, swiftness and expertise in many different legal areas. For all these reasons and many others, I also recommend Z/C/H Legal’s services to our business partners.
Ing. Otakar PetráčekZ/C/H Chairman of the Board of Directors, MILETA a.s.
We were represented by Z/C/H Legal in protracted court proceedings where we were falsely accused of causing damage by delivering a faulty project. In addition to their professionalism regarding the legal management of the dispute, we were repeatedly astonished by their ability to understand the underlying chemical-engineering core of the dispute, to differentiate the facts and evidence from twisted and maliciously interpreted information provided by the counterparty, as well as the efficiency of their work. Thanks to Z/C/H Legal’s lawyers, we won the case, did not have to pay the requested compensation and managed to protect the good name of our company and the professional honour of our engineers.
Ing. Pavel Urbánek CEO, Tractebel Engineering a.s.
Z/C/H Legal v.o.s. was recommended to us by a business partner – a big multinational corporation – when we were dealing with a thorny issue regarding international labour law and complex relocations. Z/C/H Legal did an excellent job! Our team are very grateful to have found such an excellent and reliable partner to provide us with legal services, as we know from our own experience that such partners are hard to find. We also highly appreciate the proactive and pro-client approach combined with brilliant soft skills, regularly contributing to successful closures of transactions with our business partners.
Ing. Veronika Cyrani Managing Director, Talentinno s.r.o. and Expat Support s.r.o.
Z/C/H Legal's strength is its intimate knowledge of the economic context of the cases it handles. You can't even do business law without economic erudition. Z/C/H Legal is an exceptionally skilled partner in this sense. The attorneys at Z/C/H Legal are also not only excellent professionals, but also kind and friendly people. I am all the more pleased to work with them.
Ing. Monika Nebeská Director of Zemědělské družstvo Všestary

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