It's the fifteenth time at the house!

For the fifteenth time, the global rating agency The Legal 500 has ranked us among the recommended law firms in the "Real estate and construction" category.
Our partners Radek Hladký and Lukáš Žáček were also awarded in this category as "Recommended Lawyers" and David Pavlíček as "Key Lawyer".

This award reminds us that cooperation and mutual support are key pillars of our success.
We thank all members of our amazing team for their dedication and loyalty and our clients for their loyalty.
Every award is a commitment and we promise to continue to provide you with the highest level of service.

For the fourth time we have been voted the Recommended Company of the Year in the category Development and Real Estate Projects!

We are also proud to have defended our title of Recommended Firm in another category, namely Restructuring and Insolvency.

Thank you to all the members of our amazing team for their dedication and loyalty, without which we could not have done it.

A big thank you of course to our clients. Every award is a commitment and we promise to continue to provide you with the highest level of service.

For the 14th time, we have been recognised by the world’s largest rating agency for law firms!

It is a great honour and pleasure for us that The LEGAL 500  has once again ranked us among the best law firms in the field of „Real Estate & Construction“.

Such recognition of our work and experience is a driving force for us and we firmly believe that we will defend our position in the following years.

With Z/C/H Legal, you aren’t limited by borders!

We’re a Czech law firm. But we also help clients beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. How is this possible?
Because we’re a part of the TAGLaw network of independent law firms, which operates in more than 90 countries and unites over 160 leading legal services providers.
Thanks to our membership in TAGLaw, we’re able to quickly and efficiently provide legal advice to all our clients, even when their needs require expertise and experience with the legal systems of other countries.

We’re delighted that TAGLaw has been awarded the prestigious “Elite” rating for the 10th consecutive year by Chambers & Partners, the world’s leading legal directory. We’re confident that all the law firms we work with abroad meet the most demanding criteria.

Z/C/H Legal’s success at the 15th Law Firm of the Year!

For the third time in a row, Z/C/H Legal has become a Recommended Firm in the category of Real Estate and Development Projects in the 15th year of the prestigious Law Firm of the Year award organised by Among other things, Z/C/H Legal has also become a Recommended Firm in the same award in the Restructuring and Insolvency category! This prestigious award in competition with many domestic law firms gives the entire Z/C/H Legal team strong motivation to continue working hard in these and other areas.

This is the thirteenth year in a row that The LEGAL 500 has recognized our work in this way.

The LEGAL 500, the world's largest rating agency and guide to the world of law firms, has ranked our firm among the best in the field of "Real Estate and Construction".  The specific ratings "we appreciate not only their high level of expertise but also the client approach combined with great flexibility in cases where it is really needed" and "You do not need to ask for different specialisations, as they are able to cover all of them" speak for themselves.

ZCH is the 2022 Franchise Law Firm of the Year

The team of the professional Corporate INTL Magazine publication has once again awarded ZCH Legal with the prestigious "Franchise Law Firm of the Year" award. This is the tenth time in a row that ZCH has received this award and has thus retained its expertise in the field of franchising.

TAGLaw once again becomes an elite legal alliance!

For the eighth consecutive year, TAGLaw, an alliance of independent law firms, has been awarded the most prestigious "Elite" rating by Chambers & Partners, the world's leading law firm. And as we have been part of this alliance for many years, we are fully prepared to provide you with expert legal service worldwide. No distance or any problem is a barrier for us!

“Strength in retail and leasing sector“

The Legal 500, a prestigious international agency rating law firms, has ranked our law firm among the market leaders in the field of „Real Estate and Construction“ for the twelfth time. As it is not easy to make it into this rating, it is just as difficult to stay in it, which we managed to do for the twelfth time.

TAGLaw named elite legal alliance once again!

The TAGLaw Alliance of Independent Law Firms, which brings together 160 independent law firms in more than 90 countries around the world, has been rated "Elite" by the world's leading rating agency Chambers & Partners for 2021. This is the most prestigious assessment that an international legal alliance can achieve. Thanks to membership in this elite alliance, we can offer our clients unlimited first-class service across countries and continents.

Law firm of the year in Franchising nineth year in a row

This year, too, our law firm was voted the best law firm in 2021 in the field of franchising. We received the prestigious award given by the renowned Corporate INTL Magazine for the ninth time in a row.


Z/C/H Legal can claim another extraordinary success. We became the Recommended Law Firm of the Year 2020 in the category of Development and Real Property Projects in the 13th year of the Law Firm of the Year by EPRAVO.CZ. This prestigious award in the competition of many Czech law firms undoubtedly gives us a strong motivation to continue our hard work (not only) on development and real property projects.

IFLR1000 yet again awarded the work of our colleagues

The prestigious international rating agency IFLR1000 yet again awarded the work of our colleagues in the field of financial and corporate law, as we have been ranked among the best law firms providing legal advice in this area. „Diligent, precise, efficient,“ said a client from the financial market about our work. „It is a very professional organization with perfect knowledge not only of the Czech market. Thanks to this law firm, we were able to handle the insolvency proceedings of our parent company,“ said another client. We very much appreciate these words and we will do everything we can in order to have all of our clients share the same feelings.

Repeated award by The Legal 500

In our office, we adhere to the motto: “Flawless work and first-class service“. And the repeated great rating by the prestigious international rating company The Legal 500 ( in the section: “Real estate and construction“, where we again confirmed our position among the leading law firms in the Czech market, proves that the motto is not just a false statement.

TAGLaw named elite legal alliance once again!

The alliance of independent law firms TAGLaw once again received „The Elite“ rating for 2020 from the Chamber & Partners rating agency. This is the highest ranking a legal network or alliance can earn. Z/C/H Legal has been a member of the TAGLaw alliance since 2014 and, as TAGLaw brings together 10,000 lawyers from all over the world, Z/C/H Legal is able to connect their clients with high quality legal or economic advisors from around the world.

Z/C/H Legal awarded the law firm of the year 2020 in franchising

This year again, Z/C/H Legal has been awarded the best law firm in the field of franchising in the Czech Republic. The award is based on a qualified selection by experts from the Corporate INTL Magazine. Z/C/H Legal won this award for the eighth time in a row.

The Legal 500 confirms high rating of Z/C/H Legal

In its new prestige world ranking, the international rating agency The Legal 500 has reaffirmed our law firm’s current rating, confirming the team’s achievements as well as our position among the best law firms. 

TAGLaw has been awarded by Chambers&Partners for the sixth consecutive year

For the year 2019, the alliance of law firms, TAGLaw, with Z/C/H Legal being a member since 2014, has been awarded for the sixth time by the international Chambers&Partners rating agency as an elite global network. Since its establishment in 1998, TAGLaw, currently associating approximately 160 law firms in more than 90 countries, ranks among the largest legal alliances in the world. In 2019, the expert team of Chambers&Partners rating agency awarded only nine out of more than 170 legal alliances worldwide as an „elite global network“.

Z/C/H Legal the firm of the year 2019 in franchising

Even this year, Z/C/H Legal was chosen by the British Corporate INTL Magazine the firm of the year in franchising. We have defended the title „The Best Law Firm of the Year in Franchising in the Czech Republic“ for the seventh time in a row. The award is based on a qualified assessment by an expert Corporate INTL team.

Professional and Customer Oriented Law Firm

The law firm Z/C/H Legal has a new rating by the clients available at the IFLR1000 website. Our clients here praise the professional approach of our law firm and a high standard of services provided to them. We very much appreciate such evaluation. 

IFLR1000 is a rating agency focusing on leading global financial and corporate law firms and lawyers. It has been operating since 1990 and is currently evaluating law firms in more than 120 jurisdictions around the world.

The Legal 500 ups the Z/C/H Legal’s rating

The prestigious international rating agency, The Legal 500, continues to monitor successes of our team. This year, it has even increased our rating and we have thus moved one notch up.

The Legal 500 awarded in particular our wins in the area of the “Real Estate and Construction“ where we moved into a 3-rating group and thus became one of the leading law firms in this segment on the Czech legal market.

TAGLaw – elite alliance for 2018

In 2018, the alliance of law firms, TAGLaw, was again awarded by the international rating agency Chambers&Partners as an elite global network. TAGLaw, which is an association of approximately 160 independent law firms, was awarded for the fifth time in a row. The “Elite“ label is awarded by Chambers&Partners since 2013 to an international network particular on the basis of the quality of services of its partner law firms and the international outreach of the alliance members. In 2016, only 10 out of more than 170 international alliances currently operating on an international scale were awarded the “Elite“ label.

Z/C/H Legal awarded the firm of the year in franchising again in 2018 

The British Corporate INTL Magazine, which offers namely consulting services in international business and finance, awarded Z/C/H Legal the firm of the year in franchising in the Czech Republic for the year 2018. Z/C/H Legal obtain this award for franchising for the 6th time in a row. The award is based on a qualified appraisal by an expert team of Corporate INTL. 

Z/C/H Legal succeeded again at The Legal 500

This year, Z/C/H Legal succeeded for the eighth time in the rating by the prestigious international rating agency The Legal 500. We have been ranked as one of the best law firms on the Czech market in the category of “Real estate and construction“. The agency particularly appreciated our experiences in the field of leasing for retail.

Chambers&Partners ranked Z/C/H Legal among the most successful ones

The international rating agency Chambers&Partners, which compiles annual ratings of the most successful providers of legal services on the market, has introduced its rating for 2017. The rating is performed by an extensive team of experts, which evaluates in particular professionalism, quality and overall level of services. 

Z/C/H Legal has been evaluated as the “Recognised Practioner“ in the field of real property law. We have been thus ranked among 16 best law firms in the Czech Republic which provide real property law services.

ZCH announced the Company of the year 2017 in franchising

The publisher of the popular Corporate Intl. Magazine associating leading entrepreneurs, financial advisors and attorneys worldwide has awarded the work of ZCH in franchising as the best in the Czech Republic. The award is granted upon secret ballot cast by individuals qualified in the field. ZCH has been the award winner since 2010.

IFLR1000 has awarded Z/C/H Legal again

The renowned rating agency IFLR1000 has awarded Z/C/H Legal for 2017 in the fields restructuring and insolvency, banking and financial and corporate law, including M&A.

The IFLR1000 evaluation also stated in the 2017 Financial and Corporate ranking: „ZCH Legal received a positive feedback from the clients who worked with their regulatory team and who said: „They provided very good and professional services.“

TagLaw amongst elite legal alliances

The renowned rating agency Chambers & Partners has again ranked TAGLaw alliance amongst the elite legal alliances and granted it the right to use the “Elite Law Firm Network“. Z/C/H Legal has been a member of the alliance for two years now. The ranking is based on the quality of TAGLaw’s independent law firm members and the overall global reach of the alliance.

Z/C/H Legal is the only member of the TAGLaw alliance in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the membership, we may provide our clients with global reach to legal and economic advisors nearly anywhere in the world. Would you like to incorporate your company in Singapore? Are you being sued by a customer in the US? We will recommend you a law firm that would provide you with legal advisory in the same quality you are accustomed to from our law firm. 

TAGLaw is an international alliance of more than 389 law firms from 90 countries worldwide, which encompasses more than 10 thousand professionals. It is now considered the fourth biggest alliance in the world.

Z/C/H Legal again among elite law firms, according to The Legal 500’s review

In 2016, The Legal 500 has again highlighted the quality of legal services provided by Z/C/H Legal.

This is the seventh consecutive time Z/C/H Legal has been recommended in “Real Estate and Construction” and the fifth time in “Commercial, Corporate and M&A”.

Our firm’s work received the following evaluations: ”Excellent service, quick answer times and knowledge of both the commercial and legal needs of its clients” and “The team is very dynamic, professional and gives its clients great legal support.”

The Legal 500 also highlights the work of Jiří Ctibor and  Radek Hladký,  partners in Z/C/H Legal. ”The firm is headed by the ‘excellent, pragmatic and experienced’ Radek Hladky, and by Jiri Ctibor, who has ‘an impressive knowledge of all aspects of the Czech legal market’.”

The Legal 500 Series is widely acknowledged as the world’s major legal referral guide.

Z/C/H has won every year since 2012

The renowned British Corporate INTL Magazine has awarded Z/C/H Legal v.o.s. the title Law Firm of the Year 2016 for Franchise Law in the Czech Republic. Z/C/H has won every year since 2012. The Corporate INTL Legal Award is granted to law firms providing advisory services on the highest level. The assessment of law firms considers not just the professional skills and knowledge but also the level of services rendered to clients.

IFLR1000 recommends Z/C/H Legal in the “Financial and Corporate“ category for 2016

This year, the rating agency IFLR1000 providing independent assessment of companies operating in the field of finance placed the law firm Z/C/H Legal in its 26th issue of the IFLR1000 Magazine as a recommended law firm in the sections “Financial and Corporate“ category for 2016. IFLR1000 is considered one of the most influential rating agencies in the world.

ZILVAROVÁ CTIBOR HLADKÝ succeeded in The Legal 500 rating again

The rating by The Legal 500 agency for 2015 pointed out again the quality of legal services provided by the law firm ZCH in the field of real estate and development law, as well as in Corporate and M&A. We are proud for ZCH to have received even better ranking in the real estate and development law this year than we did in 2014. The Legal 500 evaluation also stated: „Zilvarová Ctibor Hladký has a „dynamic, professional“ and „flexible“ team. Jiri Ctibor jointly leads the practice with Radek Hladky, who is „knowledgeable, competent and very proactive“.“

Chambers & Partners ranks TAGlaw among the top legal alliances in the world

ZILVAROVÁ CTIBOR HLADKÝ’s international alliance, TAGLaw, was recently ranked by Chambers & Partners as an "Elite" legal alliance in the publication’s annual Global ranking guide

As an independent member of TAGLaw, ZILVAROVÁ CTIBOR HLADKÝ can provide its clients with access to high quality legal, accounting and financial representation around the world.

ZILVAROVÁ CTIBOR HLADKÝ awarded again the Law Firm of 2015 in the “Franchise Law” and “Leasing Law” category

The renowned British Corporate INTL Magazine awarded the law firm ZILVAROVÁ CTIBOR HLADKÝ again by the title Legal Firm of the Year in the Czech Republic for 2015 in the Franchise Law and Leasing Law category. The Corporate INTL Legal Award is granted to law firms providing advisory services on the highest level. The assessment of law firms considers not just the professional skills and knowledge but also the level of services rendered to clients.

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