Inheritance in insolvency proceedings

Inheritance in insolvency proceedings – how to deal with assets and liabilities in insolvency proceedings

New members of our ZCH team of lawyers

In recent months, we have welcomed new team members at ZCH.

Christmas gifts may be perilous

On the pages of today's issue of Hospodářské noviny, you will find an article about non-traditional Christmas gifts.

Advocacy is still winning the fight against the pandemic

Wondering how our law firm is coping with the corona virus pandemic?


We are celebrating another extraordinary success! Z/C/H Legal became the Recommended Law Firm of the Year 2020 in the category of Development and Real Property Projects in the ranking of EPRAVO.CZ.

Vacation in uncertain times

The current issue of the Právní rádce magazine from the Economia publishing house contains an article titled “Vacation in uncertain times: How to choose a trip for next year and not lose money"

Franchising on the rise

The more popular and successful franchising is in the Czech Republic, the less relevant literature is available.

COVID-19 a odstoupení od smlouvy o zájezdu - en

The Covid-19 epidemic is gaining momentum again, and new restrictive measures are on the way that are likely to further limit our daily lives.

Practical Advice for Creditors in Insolvency Proceedings Webinar

Then do not hesitate and register for our free webinar focusing on the position of creditors in insolvency proceedings.

Is court always the only place to get justice?

Fine reading for the upcoming weekend for both conflicting and non-conflicting personalities.

IFLR1000 yet again awarded the work of our colleagues

The prestigious international rating agency IFLR1000 yet again awarded the work of our colleagues in the field of financial and corporate law, as we have been ranked among the best law firms providing legal advice in this area.

We are not indiferrent to our environment

Therefore, we have become part of the Responsible Company project and we are pleased to take an active part in nature protection.

A webinar on the Amendment to the Labor Code

Do not hesitate and get registered to our free webinar, which will take place on July 15, 2020, at 11 AM.

Your contracts – to-do/to-read tips

In the Friday issue of Hospodářské noviny, the partner of our law firm Jiří Ctibor and our lawyer Lukáš Žáček shared their experience.

Pre-Covid amendment to the Insolvency Act

Although entrepreneurs may currently expect increased tolerance for their unfavorable economic situation, the pre-Covid amendment to the Insolvency Act should not be overlooked.

Repeated award by The Legal 500

In our office, we adhere to the motto: “Flawless work and first-class service“.