Do I need to keep the original copy of the green card in my car?

We all know it...when we are stopped by the Police during a roadside check and asked to produce the green card for our car, at that moment we remember the letter from the insurance company that came 2 weeks ago containing the new green card. However, the green card was left on the table at home. How to proceed? Would it be sufficient to present the green card picture saved in our mobile phone to the Police officer? So far, the Police have often refused to accept it during checks.

However, the latest decision of the Ministry of Finance has confirmed that it is sufficient to present the green card on the display of, for example, a mobile phone. However, the green card must be presented within a reasonable time, which will not exceed a low number of minutes.

And don't forget to check the validity of the green card in your car at the earliest opportunity. You may not be always so lucky to have someone at home to take a photo of your green card and send it to you. And a paper copy of your green card kept in the car is a sure thing, of course, because the battery will never run out.