Vivat crescat floreat!

This year, the Association of Czech lawyers, Všehrd, celebrates its 150th anniversary. On this occasion, a meeting of important members of the Association, representatives of the academic community and friends of the Association, including our law firm, took place on March 8, 2018, in the Grand Hall of Carollinum.

During the festive evening, speakers recalled the traditional values upon which the Association was built, and, in particular, its role in the struggle to preserve traditional values of democracy, which led to the ultimate dissolution of the Association at the end of the 1950s. Part of the evening was also dedicated to the award ceremony to honorary members of the Association. The awards were granted not only to academics but also to victims of political persecution. The evening was completed by the introduction of the publication of 1868 – 2018 Memorial and the opening of the exhibition of the Association’s history.

We are honored that we had the opportunity to take part in the celebration of the anniversary and, above all, in further direction of the Association of Czech Lawyers Všehrd, and we wish it lots of success in the future!