Z/C/H Legal provided legal services in connection with the CEMOD - CZ acquisition

Z/C/H Legal assisted the buyer with the acquisition of a 100% ownership interest in CEMOD – CZ s.r.o., the former home and fashion subsidiary of the 3SI Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The 3SI Group is one of the largest distance selling companies in France and Europe. The business activities of the group, which has its headquarters in Croix, northern France, include multi-channel retail and services to third-party business customers in 16 countries.

CEMOD-CZ s.r.o., a company based in Pardubice, Czech Republic, was founded in 1967 and has grown to become the leading website for home accessories and furnishings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, operating under the banner of Magnet-3Pagen.

It has also established a market position in these countries as a major online player in the fashion clothing sector, with the Modino.cz website and its distribution of Blancheporte and Venca products.

CEMOD-CZ s.r.o. has also expanded its activity to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.