A significant change of the zoning plan of the Capital City of Prague

A key citywide change of the wording of the zoning plan adopted by the Capital City of Prague is currently being subject to discussion. Some of the proposed changes apply to the mode of calculation of commercial facilities‘ acreage, and making coefficients  of green areas and coefficients of floor areas as well as rules applicable to height regulation of buildings binding. The size of commercial facilities should be limited in the future by their total gross floor area, not just by their sales floor. The change proposed under ref. no. Z-2832/00 will be heard on August 31, 2016 at 9 AM at the Grand Hall of the City Council of the Capital City of Prague. Owners of real property in Prague may file opposition to the proposal, while each citizen may file comments regarding the proposal. Both opposition and comments may be filed by September 7, 2016.