No more (unsolicited) calls from call centres

Probably every mobile phone owner has experienced this... An unknown number calls you, you answer the call and an unfamiliar voice starts offering you a more convenient or cheaper product. Meanwhile, you're wondering how the caller got to your phone number and how to end the call politely and as quickly as possible.

That could be over as of 1 January 2022!  

Until now, the telephone directories used by telemarketers have been controlled by an 'opt-out' policy. This means that any subject listed in such a phone book has the option of requesting that they do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes.

However, as of January, the opposite principle, the so-called "opt-in", will apply. This means that telemarketers will only be able to contact you if you agree in advance.

It is already clear that this change will fundamentally affect current advertising practices, which will most likely result in the decline of telemarketing.