Adjustments of bylaws of associations of units

The term for the adjustments of bylaws of associations of units established pursuant to Act no.  72/1994 Coll. expires on December 31, 2016!

Do you know that the last day of 2016 is also the last day for the mandatory adjustments of bylaws of those associations of units established under Act no. 72/1994 Coll. providing for the new regulation – particularly for the adjustment of associations‘ names, voting rights at members‘ meetings, house administration rules, budgets, contributions to house administration, etc.

Should you fail to meet the obligation to adjust the bylaws according to the new regulation, in the extreme of cases there is a risk of dissolution or liquidation of the association. It is a sanction which would bring along very unpleasant consequences for the association members, for example the impossibility to transfer a unit or passage of liabilities of the association to unit owners.